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West Virginia GIS Technical Center

Department of Geology and Geography

West Virginia State GIS Coordinator

May 10-14, 2004
West Virginia University

Attendee List (names and organizations only)

Pictures from the Conference!

Welcome Letter from West Virginia University's President:

May 10, 2004

Gregory Elmes
Co-Director, WVGIS Technical Center
Professor Geography
Department of Geology and Geography
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV 26506

Dear Dr. Elmes:

I would like to extend my greetings to the members of the GIS Community who have gathered here at West Virginia University for the West Virginia GIS Conference, May10-May14th, 2004. I am pleased that West Virginia University can play a part in gathering together the best and brightest with an interest in GIS from academia, government, business, and the private sector. Here at West Virginia University we are very excited about the potential of GIS and supportive of the related research, education and outreach that can be provided by those in the discipline.

I welcome you to West Virginia University and to Morgantown, and extend my best wishes for a successful and informative conference.


David C. Hardesty, Jr.

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